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Bando Investment Group offers a wide range of properties ranging from luxury custom-build single-family homes to innovative modern communities and neighborhoods. Located at convenient locations and comes with extensive builders warranty, the properties in our portfolio epitomize contemporary style and offer an unparalleled luxury living experience.

At Bando Investment Group, we believe luxury is not just something to look at or live in, but rather experience in every moments. Our homes reflect that - a true luxurious lifestyle - in our thoughtful functional yet elegant-at-every-turn design. 



  • We Believe
    WE BELIEVE passionately in the power of trust. Our homes are built with the utmost of integrity, from foundation to structural framing. We build homes to last hundreds of years with the hope that our homes will be your forever homes. All of our homes come with builder's warranty to provide a peace-of-mind for our buyers. Our team works tirelessly from every aspects, studying new technology or building techniques to develop one-of-a-kind communities and strikingly beautiful custom homes to create something meaningful for our homebuyers. Regardless of the location, our modern design are at once luxurious and seamlessly functional, elevating the experience of and bring joy to our homeowners.
  • We Define
    WE DEFINE big ideas. We commit to design that is sustainbale, contemporary, and full of comfort. We design homes, residential developments and communities that celebrate the project’s location and history, demonstrating a profound respect for the physical and contextual environment in which it is realized. No matter what we build, we always ask ourselves whether the overall experience to live in our homes is truly what luxury defines. We extend the experience beyond the structure to landscaping, neighborhood, architecture, and amenities offered. All of our communities are gated, providing the utmost privacy and security. Our homes also boast smart-home technology, ensuring that our homes are innovative and forward-thinking.
  • We Embrace
    WE EMBRACE communication. We don't want to be just another "custom home builder" or "tract home builder". We want to provide a hollistic approach for our buyers, from start to finish. We work with our buyers collaboratively. We support our buyers at every stage during sales, construction, and delivery. We truly believe that a one-of-a-kind home require teamwork, communication, and respect between all parties.
  • We Deliver
    WE DELIVER sophisticated, luxurious, functional, and timeless projects. Through a unique, vertically integrated service offering that spans all aspects, from selling and buying, architecture, interior design, to construction and delivery, Bando Investment Group can own every step of the process from inception to completion. Our product offerings are of unmatched quality - the impressive attention to detail, advanced innovative architectural designs, eye-catching features - promising to turn houses to forever homes.
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